The Starlight Foundation is a legal entity created by the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and with the majority contribution in the equity capital of the consulting Corporación 5, whose primary purpose is the dissemination of astronomy and the promotion, coordination and management of the Starlight movement. It organises activities and provides various related products and services.

It is a non-profit organization that, under the name Starlight, encompasses, coordinates and manages ideas, projects, people, thoughts and activities and invites society to rethink the way it values the starry sky. It also fights to protect the night sky and is aware that, in doing so, it is helping to care for a scientific and cultural heritage that belongs to everyone, while safeguarding the habitat of many species that need the dark of the night for their survival.

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Fundacion Starlight lidera el grupo de Turismo Científico- ...

Constituido el Grupo de Trabajo  de Turismo Científico – Astroturismo, en la Plenaria de Miembros Afiliados que tuvo lugar durante  la Asamblea General de la United Nations Worl...

16 of September, 2019

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Qualification of Starlight Guides at the Roque de los Muchac...

Tras la formación que tuvo lugar en La Palma los alumnos han conocido a fondo el GTC y el grupo de telescopios ING. La Fundación Starlight, teniendo en cuenta las peculiaridades y el al...

11 of September, 2019

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Curso de Monitores Starlight en Galáctica

El Centro de Difusión y Práctica de la Astronomía, Galáctica, acogerá del 23 al 28 de septiembre un Curso de Monitores Starlight destinado a capacitar...

4 of September, 2019

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First Starlight International Awards

The Starlight Foundation recognizes, for the first time in its history, initiatives and territories that stand out for the defense of the dark sky The Starlight Foundation celebrates this...

19 of August, 2019

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